3. Deeper Dimensions of World Building

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Further Explorations
Dragons in the Stars cover

Dragon Rigger cover
The dragon story grew, in turn, into the novels Dragons in the Stars and Dragon Rigger. Each step of the way, I learned a little more about the world I had built. My own understanding grew, as I asked myself questions such as, "What are these beings doing here?" and "Why are they at war with each other?" and "What is it that they care about?"

And now, I've just gone through the process again — exploring in a different direction altogether. This time, I wondered what had become of a minor character in an earlier book, who was last seen as a prisoner of interstellar pirates. In the resulting novel, Eternity's End, I discovered not only the answer to that question, but a great deal more about some cosmic dangers faced by all riggers.

In short, I didn't start out knowing the answers. But I kept at it until I did.

Click here to read the complete text of the dragon story, "Though All the Mountains Lie Between."


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