4. Creating Human Characters

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Give Them Personality
People have different personalities, different ways of talking and thinking, different ways of reacting to life situations.

People have problems. It comes with being human. Problems of love. Of family. Of friends, and of money. Sometimes they have enemies. If you know your characters' problems, you'll know them better.

More Than Human

In SF/F, there may be additional dimensions. Your characters may be larger-than-life. They may be superheroes. They may possess powers we can only dream of. They may:

  • supergirlread minds (telepathy)
  • fly like Superman
  • exert power at a distance (telekinesis)
  • alter their physical form at will (shapechangers)
  • be immortal
  • have left their bodies behind, and live only in the memory chips of a computer
  • Can you think of other examples?
Create a Character

If you create a character with super powers, give some thought to the consequences. Special powers may imply special problems, or weaknesses. (Remember that little problem Superman has with Kryptonite? If he could do everything, he wouldn't nearly be so interesting.)


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