5. Aliens and Other Creatures

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Try This at Home!

Now it's time for you to begin writing your own aliens. This is a good place to buddy up with a friend, if possible.

1. Write three different passages describing an alien.

You can use the same alien for all three, or different ones.

  • In one, focus on literal, visual description.
  • In another, try using poetic language and metaphor to convey an alien feel.
  • In the third, use other senses (sound, smell, etc.).

Now give your passages to a friend and ask him or her to try drawing each of the aliens from your description. (You might swap descriptions if your friend is also trying the exercise.)

Afterwards, confer. How well did your writing convey the sense of the alien that you wanted? How could you improve it?

2. Write a passage portraying yourself as an alien character.

Write the character from the inside out. What strange environment are you living in, and how does that feel?


Try making yourself a leaf, a tree, an animated lamppost. Think about story possibilities. What are your hopes and fears? What is it you want and need, and how would that be interesting to a reader?


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